Friday, March 30, 2012

Bad eBay Seller

I HATE THIS and avoid this shit like the plague generally speaking but I'm a bit put out at this point.
I don't call people out often and even less often a "business", I'm far more likely to shrug off a fuckup if I think there's real effort on the other end to find a solution, sometimes even if said solution doesn't materialize as hoped.
(trying to stick with the 'I' comments here....)

I purchased a CBR600rr swingarm on ebay recently for a bike I'm putting together. It's a neat piece, one thing I really dig is that there's no need for an upper shock's part of the swingarm. Simple, clean and eye catching. Also like plankton on ebay because the vast majority of them get augered by some squid in an Affliction T-shirt so I wasn't completely stunned to find a suitable unit for what appeared to be a very reasonable price. I contacted the seller regarding the possible presence of the lower linkages not shown in the pic. What did show was the top of the swingarm, the shock and the associated bolt on shock mount

Our communication went like this; (cut&paste directly from ebay messages)
Me 2/23: I'm building a custom and am interested in your cbr swingarm assembly. It looks like the shock is there, is the lower linkages as well. If so consider it sold!
chop-shop-motorsports 2/24: Yes sir 

So far so good, coms and quick and friendly though that 'sir' guy is my Dad..haha

Me 2/24: Done and done, thanks for getting back quickly.
chop-shop-motorsports 2/24: Not a problem. We will ship your item out after we recieve your payment one the 29th. You say that your building a custom if your looking for anymore parts please contact us before you go anywhere else because more then likely we have it and for a affordable price. Thanks again

Here's a pic from their auction. Note that the top mount is in place......
More good, friendly communication...things are looking gooood! At this point chat digresses to me extolling the virtues of my project to someone who politely doesn't give a shit and an exchange of info regarding what we do in our individual shops and the like. Could be the start of a good working partnership, right?

Time passes, shipping info is in and the package is on it’s way, yeehaw! I can’t wait to get my big ol’hairy paws on it and get my swingarm pivot section designed to suit it!

The box gets to mydoor about a week after they dropped it off with UPS, pretty standard stuff, no worries…oops. Hmmm…
The swingarm came in a large box, large enough to drop the whole assembly into, well wrapped in bubble wrap and still have room for a small family of Laotian farmers. 

Ok, whatever so they didn't have a suitable box. Open her up and sure enough there's a couple bundles cocooned in bubble wrap. 'Ok, so they pulled the shock for some reason.....' I thought to myself and sure enough it was out and separately wrapped. Cool, nice touch...all that. A couple hours later when I had time to open the stuff up for inspection I find that the top shock mount had been unbolted and left out of the package. Back to ebay messages...

Me 3/7: Hi, I got the swingarm today, thanks. There are a couple issues, the scrape and bent spool mount I can deal with but it's missing the top shock mount and some hardware. Bolts and such aren't a big deal I guess but I need that top mount.

In some cultures this would be considered high art.

chop-shop-motorsports 3/7: We will send that right over we will look for that tomorrow at the shop sorry for the troubles
Oh yeah, remember that top down pic? Yeah didn't show a scuff and a badly gooched spool mount. Neat.....but nothing I can't deal with since I'll be refinishing it anyway.


Me 3/9: Hi, any word on the missing top mount and hardware? Thanks
I didn't expect it to arrive but possibly to be shipped? 

chop-shop-motorsports 3/9: We are shipping it out today sorry for the delays
Huh? Thought they were already on days ago
chop-shop-motorsports 3/9 ~10 minutes later: the tracking number should be in your paypal
What!? Ok wow that was quick once it was brought to their attention. Feeling ok again.......

Quick check at paypal....
Nope, that was the original tracking number. Damnit. But I decide to hold out and wait, plus I have a shitload of stuff on my plate so I'll hope for the best.
A week passes and that smelly; something rotten in Denmark feeling has crept in. But I'm still guardedly optimistic.

Me 3/14: Any news on the missing top mount?

chop-shop-motorsports 3/14: The item has been shipped a while ago so you should get it any day now if you havent already also to pin point you item you can track it with the tracking number that paypal sent you

Me 3/15: Aha...that maybe part of the issue....I got nothing from paypal. When should that have come thru? I'll inquire with them. Thanks for the help, have a good day.

chop-shop-motorsports 3/15: You will have to look under the swing arm paypal notice because we sent it as a second one

Nope, still no good. the mean time a small box has arrived from them so I'm feeling all cheery and full of not-stompiness. Fuck the missing hardware, I'll source some on my own but this upper mount is integral to the function of the swingarm so I'm back to feeling OK.....


No they haven't sent me the part I need, they sent me what appears to be a footpeg pivot for some random bike. Hmm...can I make this work? What do you think sparky?
I’m a pretty patient guy, I want to be fair and give everyone a chance. I’ve fucked up before, I’ve dropped the ball.....anyone who says they haven’t is full of shit. 

So I email them outside ebay and wait. 

Aaaaand wait.

A good bit of time passes and I lose said patience. Sorry, I’ve done my best I think......
Me 3/27:  Hi, any word on the missing top mount? If this is as it is to stand I will not hesitate to leave the appropriate feedback. The part you took off is clearly shown in the picture.
Feedback posts tomorrow at noon here as well as the shop blog and forums.
Your call how it plays out.

chop-shop-motorsports 3/28: look man we cant find the part we can give you half of the parts money back and you can keep the part or you can send the part back and we will refund your money sorry for any troubles please dont leave bad feed back

......sigh.....I am a giant fucking pussy. I will wait for that partial refund

Me 3/28: fine, a refund will work.
I'll keep the negative feedback off ebay
I really want to be nice and understanding. I do.....

chop-shop-motorsports 3/28: ok once we recieve the part we will refund your money

Wait…what? WTF!!??! Jesus H. Christ on a soggy damned cracker! Are you fucking kidding? Seriously.....

No, seriously??

C''re not that damned dumb are you?

Me 3/28: Screw it. You keep dodging and messing around. I'm done I tried to play nice.
You 'offered' a partial refund but I'm no longer effing interested.

chop-shop-motorsports 3/28: i can do a do that but you said refund so i thought you want it all back
a few hours later......

chop-shop-motorsports 3/28: we arent trying to screw with you if you want the money back please send us your paypal email

.....the one you have on record in YOUR paypal account? The one I PAID YOU WITH?

Today is March 30th, 2012 and I have not received my partial refund. Nor any further communication, though admittedly I would have to initiat it to receive any at all.

Ebay has a set short period to deal with shit like this, if you don’t resolve your problem within the allotted time it gets cleared off the books to make room for the next. I understand the need for expedience when you have to wade through half a million pissy customer complaints a day.Best to act within the window as I could see a dodgy seller dragging things out long enough for it to get bumped.

I’m not gonna tell you all NOT TO SHOP WITH CHOPSHOP MOTORSPORTS of Keller, Texas
That would be mean.

But.....there’s loads of good safe sellers on ebay, do yourselves a favor and look to them for your parts you mugs and save a headache.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Customer is only 4'11" tall.....

She's pretty cool and needs something to swing a leg over rather than through.....
Introducing project MiniMe

'65 SS90 chassis in surprisingly solid shape. Will need some welding and I'm adding a couple braces to the neck and swingarm pivot area but all in all it's in good shape.

Aluminum swingarm from a Wave125 (Asia market step thru) will take a wee bit of work to get mounted but not much. Roller bearings from McMasterCarr, some stainless spacers and a fresh pivot bolt. It's drooped pretty far here but will still need around 14" of biggie either.

EX250 wheels look pretty spiff here and they're nice and light but we may go with wheels based on YZ or CR80 disc hubs. Whatever set we run will be 17" similar width to these.

CB360 forks will need a lot of love as they're haggard right now but some fresh tubes, some elbow grease and a few more parts including one off cartridge emulators will be needed but they're significantly stouter than the OE 26mm pogos.

Poor impulse control....

So....bad idea? What harm could an extra 35hp on tap really do? Just playing around at the moment but I did dig up all the pieces I need to sling a NOS bomb right under my junk!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's a new fucking day.....

It's a new day you mugs! It's a new day full of potential and promise, just up to you and me to grab our own shit and get after it. More on this and some other crap soon but......

A New Look
Being 'at speed' all the time has it's advantages and also some disadvantages. Obviously one is never bored, but it's easy to miss things that are right under your nose...I'm certainly guilty of that. Our own Mr.Vile; "Redbird"....also known as Chris Vial and 'Hey you....with the My Little Pony teeshirt...yeah you!" in places that let his particular brand of riffraff hang out, came to the rescue with exactly what I needed. Yet another case of someone pulling my goofy butt out of the mess by pointing out something.......obvious. 
(face palm)

So, now that I know where all the fancy buttons are plainly displayed.....I'll be working on formatting to better use screen size and display pics a little bigger. 

If there's a change you think would improve the mess here let me know and if it's no sillier than some of my better known tricks I might just add it in.

CONTENT!!! No shit....
I'll have some more interesting content for you soon too, I've been working on some things to give this joint least a little, even a 2/5ths bender starts off with that first drink. 

I'm going to running a monthly or possibly bi-monthly interview series. You'll likely not see TV Toughguy chopper builders or anyone talking about living/supporting/growing or anything else to do with a scene or movement. Everyone knows someone like that, but those folks tend not to be the average person cool enough to swing a leg over a bike, and that's who we're looking for. 
Could be you, your mailman, the kid that carries the groceries to your car or maybe your own family member. If you know someone who fits the bill, ping me and we'll try to work something out.

The first few are lined up; we'll chat with a landspeed record holder, an adventure/fitness/wellness/motorcycle riding mama and a real live honest to tarmac Coffeeshop Cowboy from the old days of London's ring road and the original Ace Cafe. More to come soon....

...and now back to our regularly scheduled bullshit......

I warned you all recently about the dangers of paying attention to what we spend on these goofy damned projects. Unless you plan to impress your accountant or the greaseballs you hang out with (it ain't gonna work for that hottie down the way) just don't do it. It only hurts.....hurts bad...and will make you cry. 

Your buddies will all sympathize for around .003 seconds....long enough to inhale a good breath to laugh at you with.

Your accountant LOVES that moving is money in his think I'm lying?

The hot girl(or dude...for you female types) down the building that you've convinced yourself thinks you're dark and edgy? Yeah...she thinks you're dumb. They all do. Don't's normal.

But....I did it. I do it every time. I pile up what I spend on these fucking things and I tell myself 'NEVER AGAIN!!'.....each time. But I do it, over and over....I know I will, I'm weak...I admit it.

This is what $1120 looks like.
1) Trial Tech Vapor computer.
Follow the link to read up, but it's an entire race dash in one tight little unit. I'll do a post on this piece specifically when it comes time to set it up but it's a neat little runt.

1) Motogadget M-unit......electrical brain/hub/thing.
It's smarter than me....could be said about most things, but this one is REALLY smart. It eliminates all the turn of the century.....ok, pre-1920.....electrical bullshit.
Loads of info after the jump.......

1) Oregon Motorcycle Parts reg/rec unit.
It's the basis for a solid electrical system and if yours is older than 20 years you owe it to your bike to get one that's up to date and current. At idle the 920 made a respectable 12.05v and it climbed to a lackluster 12.60v above 2500rpm....lame.
Tony's units are all really well designed and are set to a static 14.5v which will make the battery happy. I've used Tony's parts of all the bikes I've wired, never had a single disappointment.

1) Giant case of GM Weatherpack connectors and special crimp tool.
Pretty much the standard for current wiring harnesses, these connectors have specially designed seals that keep water and gunk out of the connection meaning no corrosion and goooood long service. Yehaw!

14) Little spools of wire.
This shit is made of pure unspoiled powdered virginity, this shit constitutes $300 of the bill. Pretty colors and enough to wire the next 4 bikes so I guess it's not too bad I'll quit my pissing and moaning.....

2) Spools of braided sleeve.
It's expandable nylon sleeving that protects the harness and can be serviced later without having to rewrap the entirety of it. It's pretty tough and abrasion resistant so that's a good thing, especially on a bike.

3) Spools and one package of shrink tube.
I hate electrical tape, it's junk. I hate butt-crimp connectors, they suck.
If I can help it, I'll do all soldered joints with shrink tube to protect them.

Not shown is the horrifically expensive and very bitchen LiFepo battery I'll be running on this brute. Ibought a Shorai but ended up giving it to a pal who was in need. If he gets me some cash then I'll be good, if not...I'll still buy another one I'll just make him take all the fat strippers for a year or two.

Every crimp connection you make, every crap twist and forget splice you added, in addition to whatever the previous owner doofus of your particular scoot (and mine) added.....each one adds a little resistance load to the system. Crappy connectors corrode, wire oxidizes over all adds up to a beating for your electrical components, low charging voltage, poor starting and poor performance.

This evening begins the real work of rewiring this beast. First thing is to get the tank and seat bog deal there. Other crap's gotta come off like the OE clocks and ignition switch, the OE fuse block and all the goofy shit they hung on the harness from the factory. Once it's nekid I'll get to stripping off the harness itself and then I'll decide where to stick the individual components.

So there's some bike content for you all to chew on today.

In honor of things with dimples that cause lust and coveting......

This started the 'dimples issue'

.....but I can appreciate dimples......

I see nothing here to complain about....

...aglukihgna'opjud; noiHDF plkdfho......oops....sorry, my brain shorted out there for a sec, did I miss anything?

err....uhh....we were talking? Umm...won't that get in the way of the all the appreciatin'?

I heart ass

I got nuthin' else....go be good humans.
Buy less, fight less, fuck know....

Friday, March 23, 2012

to drill or not to drill.........that is the question

...whether 'tis nobler and all that shit......
So, do I drill'm out or leave'm as dimples? I've posed the question to Chris but wonder what the rest of you mugs think?

Or do we cut it out and back it with mesh?

Ruthlessly ripped from

Though to beat a well built RD for bombing around and being a hooligan. Sling on some up to date suspension and Honda's always lovely swept 6-spoke alloys and you're a long way toward something really memorable.

I stole these pics from the always entertaining go there and see cool stuffs!

The rest of the story is here:

Kinda has me thinking about dragging the my pile of 2-stokes out to see what I could cobble together....

Ringo's cover part two

Not so much left.....mystery bit to come

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No really....motorcycle stuff DOES get done here....

I've been catching some flak for not posting updates to the Sakura build or the 920 more regularly, but I really have been up to my neck with customer work which is a bit of a double edged sword. One one hand, it pays the bills and lets me do something fun now and again, but...after 12-14 hours in the shop I find myself more apt to go home and play Skyrim or just decompress. 

Here's one I've been working on for my pal Jordan. It's pretty rad and going to be a helluva calling card for HOMAGE and for his particular vision. Jordan has an eye for the high-end, and finding it where others might not look. This one will be a stunner.

After grinding, this frame kinda has a 'fabricated' look to it. I didn't try to get too wacky knocking stuff off, just got rid of useless tabs and smoothed out some 'built on a Friday' factory welds. I think you have to be a bit of a fab-nerd to appreciate it but I can happily stare at a tidy frame and appreciate said tidiness. This is a good looking frame.
First cut getting ready to happen. The wood and central clamping at the back along with the swingarm's lower adjustment tower allowed me to tweek the pivot tube to level by turning in or out the clamping nuts. Didn't take much and now the ends are as close to square as I can manage. I can manage pretty damned close!

Another view of the setup....

The scary "BANSAI!" part......

And finally a mockup this morning for the customer to chew on. Shown here in what would be the unloaded stance, figure for a couple inches of sag to settle the bike into riding position. Looks goooooood!

There will be much, MUCH more on this one in the days and months to come.

A warning, a request and an offer

First the warning...........

Seriously, just don't. When you're building a bike, whatever you do don't look at what shit costs in a's just too scary. I had a smack in the face moment the yesterday, while organizing stuff for the 920. I happened upon receipts for all the parts and stuff involved in building the electrical system. 

Then I looked at them....

Then I fell over.......(and cried just a little)

Sharing my pain:
-M-unit $300
-OMP reg/rec $95
-Weatherpack connectors and specialized crimp tool $320
-Fresh wire from McMaster Carr $300
-Depth of my pain: PRICELESS!

Truth is, there's enough wire and connectors left over to wire 6 or 7 more bikes and the parts I bought specifically for this bike will yield an extremely good, stout electrical system.
I know I got an exceedingly good deal on the bike but I've officially spent more on the electrical rebuild alone than I did buying the silly thing in the first place. It's really the only weakness of the bike beyond some corporate corner cutting decisions that I'm also working around. 
So.....I'll just shut my piehole about this now and call the Wahhhhmbulance. 

Second, a request......and an offer
So a you know, I'm a but of a Luddite when it comes to doing anything on a computer beyond surfing for boobie pics for you mugs, posting crap here that only two of you read and playing the occasional 10 year old computer game.

I've had a couple people mention that the blog appears narrow on the in lots of wasted screen-space. I'd like to make it appear wider to use the space available, and to maybe(?) allow posted pics to display larger before the click etc.

I've looked in the settings but obviously I'm missing something, probably something....obvious. haha.....
So, if you can assist me in getting the screen filled a little more effectively and don't mind me asking for assistance later (should I need) I will happily MAKE YOU SOMETHING COOL TO BOLT TO YOUR MOTORCYCLE.


Monday, March 19, 2012

...yay monday

It's Monday and I'm buried, was out of town this weekend to take care of some stuff so I've got roughly 90 emails, 30 or so private messages and 7 or 8 forum threads I need to look into, never mind the two cars I had to deal with this morning, never ending phone calls, keeping dad on track, putting out fires.....oh! and making some shit here and there. I'm busier than heck, it's monday and I'm crabby.

I got a notice in one of my inboxes........
(I'm so dang rad I need more than one)
......that some hair-shirt mouth-breather here in town wants to write a new city ordinance requiring.....REQUIRING.....all cleavage to be completely covered at all times within the city limits. In addition, this scrote nibbler thinks that if the headlights are on the woman should either put on her coat which means that even if it's 90 any woman equip'd with breasts would actually have to have a coat with her even in the summer, or be fined. fucked up as this town is, someone had the temerity to pull his head out long enough to throw the whole shiteroo right out the door. So there's some buddy who desk-races for the county just passed it along to get under my skin. fucker

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I don't worry too much about the stats for this blog, but now and again I do look and did so today because it's lunch time and I'm bore. Ramen just doesn't hold the attention like it did when I was a kid.....

I have a viewer from Finland.

Finland. How cool is that? I confess, I don't know much about the place so I took a quick look via the highly accurate information source that is the internet and learned a few things that I think is important to know about.

1) It's really hard to figure out how to pronounce location names....
Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Lahti and Kuopio.

2) In traditional Finnish the place is called Suomi...also causing face cramps in non-native speakers like myself.

3) There aren't too many folks living there, most of them in the south...because it's a friggin' icebox in Finland....colder up top.

4) The have a gulf. It's called the Gulf of Finland, a concise and appropriate if somewhat uninspired moniker. Mexico slacked off too...

5) They got sucked into the Russian Empire from 1809 to 1917 at which point they said 'Piss off comrade' (translation to come shortly). The Swedes held sway there as well on a couple occasions. Squatters.....

6) Sauna. They kinda of invented it. Remember it's cold there a lot? Yeah, what better than to strip off the bear skins and hang out with other nekid folk in a dark steamy box. Pretty fun if you get the chance to have a sauna with folks who aren't gonna freak out at he sight of my pasty white butt.

7) Finnish women, like all women from the Scandinavian snowy north are incredibly hot, nubile, blond and only wear lingerie.

That's really all you have to know about Finland as far as I can tell but there's some other stuff that might be of use:

A foreigners guide to Finland

I guess one of them is brunette......

Apparently Finnish women love the kitty too....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Motogadget M-unit

I got my new Motogadget M-unit in hand yesterday, man what a cool little rig this is.
This one tiny little black box will eliminate the:
Fuse box: 
it's all solid state, no fuses to blow. It senses an over-current situation and simply shuts off the output til you fix it.

Again with the solid state switching.....including apparently adjustable on-time delay. coooooool

Not only does it take care of the flasher function but you can choose the rate and duty cycle and sequence. It'll do all manner of funky crap with your brake and turn signals like the brake like flashing 8 times in succession then staying on.

It will modulate the headlight and tail light just like the expensive units the road couch guys like. It'll let you choose the can choose to have the signal 'soft flash' rather than simply switching on and off, something especially noticeable with LEDs.

It'll let you run one wire for both brake and tail light. 

It's got a built in alarm.

It'll make you a sammich and take that punk kid down the hall's lunch money too if you let it.

Did I mention that it's tiny?

 I don't think it'll phone home for you though....
That's right, we bad.......
More to soon, be good humans......

First bikes.....

My cousin young is a good kid, got a solid head on his shoulders and is buying his first streetbike. maybe not so much a vote for that solid head but shit....we all could get crushed by a falling elephant whilst stepping out the front door. Plus they're, not so much falling elephants.

Dusty is down for a bobber and is making good bike choices based on what would suit that style most; either a V or parallel twin. He's been really open to input from those that have been on two wheels before and that's pretty cool. A lot of guys (both young and old) get an idea in their heads and it turns into 'Fuck you world, I'm doing it my way!'.....which is cool and all but often with regard to bikes ends up with a worthless slag heap and a much lighter wallet. No, I think this kid is gonna do just fine.
My uncle is all about The Eagle, but I think he recognizes that perhaps a Harley is a better third or fourth bike. I imagine Dusty will find himself there eventually though...
Luckily the imports make great bikes that hold up and can be had for cheap, and for a first grins is what it's all about.

I've been nudging him toward a Virago 750 as they are like plankton (zillions of them out there for cheap) and parts are still available. Plus....with a little OE swapping here and there one can bump up to 1100ccs and almost all the Vstar 1100 goodies can be used since it's the same engine core.

Also of interest would be The Suzuki VS/VZ800 which is a really tidy looking, strong line of bikes. There's not as much lego parts swapping available but you're starting with a pretty decent base and that can go a long way.

Honda's got the Shadow and all the ones leading up to it's most current version but in my opinion Ol'Sochiro's BLVD Pirates kinda got lost in the shimmer of the discoball. Most of the 80s/90s basic cruisers feel a little 'off the mark' to me but.......since these things should all be modified it may not matter and you can get'm cheap.

Kawasaki has offerings too but I'm not all that familiar with them to be honest.

So....what would YOU recommend as a good V-twin import to base a stripped down bobber on?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012's Monday......

Monday sucks. 
(So much so that this didn't post yesterday for some reason so here it is today.....)


If Monday were a person it'd be my ex-wife, three specific ex-girlfriends one of which stabbed me and the lunch lady at my grade school Mrs.Kelmp all rolled into one yucky lump.

So today, in the midst of trying to get some stuff done, detail shop Daryl from the down the building comes in and says "You know the sign fell over?"......


We've been having some really high winds (for here at least), the airport which is just across the street said 70mph+ gusts at one point. Apparently the sign for the building wasn't up to the stress and the two 4x4s that made up the base of the thing...snapped off at the ground.

Well....that both sucks AND blows, neither in the good way.
Note; up near what was the top of the sign laying on the lawn.......yessireebob! Those are my expensive programmable LED signs, the one on top is probably ok. Seems to function but I haven't opened it up to check for cracked boards. The other one, the one on the bottom......yeah that one (the one incidentally that took all the force of the structure hitting the ground).....not so much. The only thing that kept it from exploding into a bajillion fragments is the fact that the ground is squishy-muddy from all the rain. That allowed it to punch a little cartoon style outline of itself into the grass, merely bending a 20* kink in the led sign, tearing three mounts out, crushing the end cap into plastic powder and letting loose all the little rattly things so they can frolic about inside.

Not shown in this pic however would be the 40mph winds still blasting, the sideways rain of doom and me standing in 18" of scummy mucky drain water (there's actually a run-off pit cropped out of the pic) trying to get my mashed electronics off the downed carcass. In the rain. Did I mention there was still wind too? I did? Oh.......

Yep, it's Monday for another 5 hours and change.

I could care less if her name is Monday...

Her name may well BE Monday.......
I'm almost certain her name is Monday....maybe......

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A uniquely good deal for the Horde and you lurkers too.....

A pal of mine Matt ( a SWINGING deal on Mikuni carbs(and lots of other goodies) thru murky and emotionally scarring connections, covert deals made under the spare wavering light from the business end of eastern block cigarettes, the smell of desperate fear and unsavory favors for someone called 'Tovarich'. 
(Ok really "he has a guy" but I've been reading cold-war spy novels lately so you get what you get)

These are prices per carb (includes shipping) for units I am interested in, though he's got access to anything SUDCO is pushing.
VM30s - $80 (currently out of stock til late March)

VM32 - $100

VM38 - $98

VM44 - $113

TM38 - $138 (available in 47mm OD or 43mm OD spiggot)

TM40 - $213

If you're looking to ditch the shitty CV carb(s) on your ride or like me are building a monster engine then good mechanical carbs are the way to go. Mikuni has a long history of racing championships, OE supply and bajillions of miles on road bikes. For the money a Mikuni VM/TM series is tough to beat but SUDCO also sells the glorious Keihin FCR series just like the three I run on Ol'Supes If you've never heard a set of flatslides idle then you've missed out on something akin to the rattle of a Ducati dry clutch or the exclusivity of driving a Spyker. Never mind the throttle response......

So if you're looking to upgrade or uprate your current bike's intake drop Matt a line:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Porn and Religion

So I've gotten some interesting Emails since I started this thing, I posted the first one because it was so glaringly, gloriously stupid that it kinda gave me a chub. 
I've since held off because frankly you complaining bitches are lazy and worthless if you can't top the first gem vomited my direction

Seriously, if you want print time you'd better step it up Johnny Bagodicks.

I have noticed a pattern recurring, more of a theme really:
Jesus is gonna beat up my karma for all the porn I post up. 


Reeeeealllllly. (Really?)

Ok first item to piss off the most people and the only fucking time you're likely to see the subject addressed here: Religion.

My favorite quote EVER on the subject;
"Religion is like a penis; It's nice to have one, it's fine to be proud of it but please don't whip it out in public and start waving it about. And please keep it away from children....."
I don't know who said it first, it's been attributed to many but I think it was Mother Theresa.

I'm pretty sure Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and the rest are all getting together for shots and laughing at our stupid asses for wasting time worrying about what they think when we do such a fine job of fucking things up on our own. I think it's a Wednesday night because that's cheap well shot night at the local Hooters. 

For the record: I don't care. 
I don't care if you think rock music is the Devil's tongue or that the bare breast of a woman is somehow dirty. I don't care. You're an idiot and you don't matter. Period. 
I don't care that you think motorcyclists are somehow opening the way to "sin". Damn! I hope so, but no shit I got that bit last month...that was it too. Just this line:
"Motorcycle riders are making it easier to sin against Jesus" No shit? I AM an oughta see me give $ bills to strippers. I enable boobies.

And Porn? Are you simpering mouth breathers for real? says:  
1840–50;  < Greek pornográph ( os ) writing about harlots
Wiki tiki tiki 

Porn is notoriously difficult to define as there are any number of different things that turn someone's crank. I knew a girl that got all kinds of fired up around the scent of new leather....we used to try on new jackets at the bike shop, then she'd screw my brains out. My personal definition? Just as difficult because my thoughts generally run toward "Hey look, there's some people fucking, I hope they're having a good time." That's it. Nothing to get all wound up over. But, generally it involves something with a sexual edge to it. With that in mind, go back and take a long loving look at the 'girlie' pics I've posted. 

Go on....I'll wait........ 

Ok what did you notice? 
(besides pretty, mostly naked females being awesome I mean)
Not one single insertion. No fingers, no dicks, no handlebars nothing. 
Also NOT PRESENT would the a gynecological exam that a lot of girlie pics can get into. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good raunch-fest and I'm a fan of the pink-bits. 
I love'm long time.....but I'll most likely not going to post pics of a girl showing her soft bits off. 'Most likely' I say because I think women are beautiful and if I find a picture that expresses that beauty that happens to show her goods in a non-'Hey Doc is this normal' kind of way, I may just post it.

But....I'm pretty sure you're not gonna see people fucking here though. It's not what the blog is about, there's loads of 'source material' out there on the toobz so if that's your thing you're well supplied already and don't need that here. 

Now, two good looking females making out on a trick bike......that would get posted.
In closing, I hope I haven't offended anyone I care about but the bitches with nothing better to do than email me their hangups...they can eat a dick. 
And look at some pictures too!
Pole dancing Nuns....huh, who'da thunk?
Here I thought it was just the pagans who got all nekid in the woods. See!!? We're not all that different!
Pope Wanda the 1st?

And lastly a little bike content!
It's all about maintaining the contact patch.....or just plain old giant balls!